School User Privacy Policy

Thames Teaching Alliance takes your privacy seriously. This Policy explains what happens to any personal data that you provide to us, or that we collect from you, as part of the service of providing NQT Induction. The following is applicable to Headteacher, Induction Co-ordinator, Tutor and School Administrator working with Thames Teaching Alliance for NQT Induction: • The identity and contact details of the company: Gravesham Learning Partnership/Thames Teaching Alliance. • Contact details of the Data Protection Officer: Jemma Hollingsworth –Email: Telephone: 01474362465 • What Personal Data is held? Name, address, email, telephone number/s • How will the data be stored? NQT Manager, owned by Evolution Internet Ltd is a UK hosted web-based system used by 86 Appropriate Bodies for the management of NQT Induction. The database is backed up to two sites every six hours and on a rolling 14-day basis. Data is encrypted and stored securely. • What is the legal basis for the collection, use and storage of the data? Information is required to create an account and to enable you to login to/complete and sign NQT assessment forms on NQT Manager. This data is also used to enable you to carry out your role/receive support from the Appropriate Body (Thames Teaching Alliance ) in relation to the NQT you are supporting through their statutory induction programme as outlined in the Statutory Guidance for Newly Qualified Teacher Induction, England. • How long the data will be stored? Personal data will be used for the duration of the teacher being involved in supporting NQT induction. School induction co-ordinators will be requested on an annual basis to carry out an audit to ensure that all accounts are viable and delete any redundant accounts. • Who will it be shared with and for what purpose? Data will be used by the School Standards Officer who leads on NQT Induction. There may be times when this data needs to be shared with other School Standards colleagues, such as, for the purpose of supporting an NQT through joint 3rd party NQT lesson Observation, with other local Schools, again for the purpose of NQT support, as and when applicable. In rare cases where a teacher lodges an appeal against the decision made by the Appropriate Body, as defined in the Induction Appeal Procedures, this data may be required to respond to the Appeal and at an Appeal Hearing. • How can the service user get access to it? NQT Manager users can access the website via their personal login at any time and see/download and amend personal data held on them

• NQT Manager is hosted and backed up in the UK. No data will be transferred outside the UK. • The data supplied to the Appropriate Body (Thames Teaching Alliance) is necessary for compliance with a clear and precise legal obligation to enable you to carry out your role in relation to statutory Newly Qualified Teacher induction, England. Choosing not to share this data will mean that you are unable to be involved in the induction of a Newly Qualified Teacher. • You have a ‘right to be forgotten’ so you can ask for your personal information to be deleted where: It is no longer needed for the reason why it was collected in the first place. You have removed your consent for us to use your information and we do not have to keep your information for legal reasons, as defined in the statutory guidance, Induction for Newly Qualified Teachers (England). If we have shared your personal information with others, we will do what we can to make sure those using your personal information comply with your request for erasure. We may not be able to delete your personal data if it is needed for legal reasons.

• What other rights does the service have? The right to have their data corrected, the right to have their data deleted and their right to put a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Telephone: 0303 123 1113 or online • State if there will be any automated decision making: Not Applicable